A politician?  Why would you want to elect a politician as president, for
heaven's sake?

I could do a better job as president than any politician.  For that matter, so could
you.  Your Aunt Bessie could do a better job.

After all, you and I and Aunt Bessie love America, and we want to make it

But politicians are in love with themselves.  They're consummate phonies and
salesmen.  These glib, smiling, charismatic egomaniacs are experts at convincing
us that we're all they ever think about.  But in reality, their thoughts are
concentrated on winning the next election, and on increasing their own power.  
To that end, they will tell us whatever their polls say we want to hear.

Truly, they are full of it.

But what about their actions?  Far from making America stronger, our politicians
are actively destroying the country.  Every year they overspend like lunatics,
mostly on projects to enhance their popularity at home. To cover the budget
shortfalls they create with this overspending they borrow and borrow and
borrow; in this way, they've managed to raise the national debt by almost 60
percent in the last seven years.

And that's just the beginning.  Almost all politicians are followers of "Free
Trade."  That means they’re helping America’s corporations close and abandon
America’s factories, so the corporations can build new factories inside
Communist dictatorships like China or Vietnam and use their slave labor.  With
slave labor, you see, the corporations can make much more profit.

With fewer and fewer factories left because of Free Trade, we must import
everything, and our trade deficits has set all-time world records in each of the
past five years.  As if this weren't bad enough, we must export the same amount
of America's wealth to the world to pay for our trade deficit.  This amounts to
about $2 billion a day.  America is rapidly becoming weaker and poorer.

And what about you?  Free Trade, in its outsourcing, insourcing or illegal
immigration forms, will also steal your job one day (and give it to a Third World

So why are our politicians in favor of Free Trade?  Because corporate executives
pay them enormous amounts of "campaign contributions" for their next election
campaigns if they will just play along.  Our politicians are happy to do it.

As a result of our politicians' actions, investors around the world have lost
confidence in America, and have sold their dollars.  The value of our dollar has
fallen about 40 percent against most world currencies since George W. Bush
became president.

Are you still sure that you or I -- or any honest, patriotic citizen --  couldn't do
better than this?  

Frankly, how could anyone do worse?

But this year we have a new crop of politicians here in New Hampshire.  These
ones will say that all the above is merely cynicism -- excessive, unjustified
negativity.  But negativity is not cynicism if it is not excessive, if it is justified.  
You cannot be cynical about syphilis, for example.  Your negativity about syphilis
would be justified and not excessive.  Similarly, you cannot be cynical about

The reader -- the voters -- must decide if this page's negativity about politicians is
justified or not.  But first they must remember how easy it is to be swayed by a
new politician, by another new, charming, charismatic, wildly ambitious politician
who promises the world.

Please vote for me, Cornelius Edward O'Connor, a Republican.  To vote for me
in the Primary means that you share some of my negative feelings about
politicians, who are responsible for the ongoing collapse of the nation.