America is collapsing.  So-called "Free Trade" and Illegal Immigration
are tearing America down, and destroying both our industrial base and
all good American jobs.  

Your job may be next, taken by one type of Free Trade or another.  
Your job may be “insourced” and given to a legal immigrant who has
just arrived in America from India.  It may be “outsourced” to a
Vietnamese slave laborer working at a Vietnamese factory.  Or, if
you're a blue-collar worker, your job will be stolen by an Hispanic
illegal alien, sooner or later.

All these forms of Free Trade have one thing in common:

"Expensive" Americans are being fired and replaced by dirt-cheap
Third World workers.  
Expensive American workers?  That means
you, my friend.

But no one will talk about this, least of all our “major” presidential
candidates.  Both Free Trade and illegal immigration are highly
profitable for American corporations, and the candidates won’t get
their millions in corporate “campaign contributions” unless they toe
the corporate line.

So no "leader" tells Americans about our collapse.  But we can feel it.

Our television anchors and reporters won't talk about our collapse,
either.  Remember, television networks are owned by giant
corporations, and the money for reporters' and anchors' enormous
salaries comes from the advertising of thousands of other giant

All these corporations are profiting enormously from Free Trade, so
you will never hear a negative word about it on the corporate-owned

Meanwhile, Congress and the White House are spending vastly more
than they are taking in, and we must borrow more and more to pay
for their overspending.  That's why our National Debt has risen from
$5.7 trillion to $9.4 trillion during the catastrophic George W. Bush

Also, Mr. Bush is refusing to face all major military threats to our
survival (click on "Iraq War").  Instead, we concentrate all our efforts
on the mysterious, irrelevant, undermanned, underplanned war in
Iraq.  That war keeps our soldiers tied down defending the two great
rivers of Iraq, the Tigris and the Euphrates.  

That way, they cannot defend the Rio Grande, where they are really
needed to stop the vast and ongoing Mexican invasion of America.


Let us stop the destruction of America.  Vote for Cornelius Edward
O'Connor.  A vote for him  will end Free Trade and Illegal
Immigration.  It will start the rebuilding of America's formerly great
industrial base.  
in 2008
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"A government of citizens, working for the people;
not politicians, working for corporations"
not for themselves"