If you listen to McCain, he's ever so interested in stopping illegal

But their proposed method of stopping illegals shows they have no
real wish to stop the northward flow of illegals.  They're just saying
what their polls say they ought to say -- to stay popular.

How do I know this?  Because their solution is to build
a wall.  
Seriously, that's their policy.

A wall?  Is that the best they can do?  Mexicans have been going
around our walls, over our walls and under our walls for decades.   
If some miracle could instantaneously create a 100-foot-tall wall
tomorrow, a wall that stretched without a single gap from the Pacific
Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, this would pose no problems
whatsoever for illegals.

Within two days, a million Mexicans would be building 101-foot
ladders.  Within a year, Mexican Olympic pole vaulters would be
clearing 100 feet.

American border walls are to Mexicans what pizza is to American
beer drinkers, what stoplights are to Britney Spears.  No problema.

No, something vastly different is necessary to stop illegals, and to
stop them permanently.  

When every illegal alien crosses the plane of the border, something
very bad -- a disaster -- must happen to him.  The proverbial piano
must fall on every illegal's head as he crosses into America.  The
disaster must be catastrophic enough so that, as the news of it
filters south into Mexico, Mexicans will no longer WANT to come
into America illegally.  It will not be worth the risk.

In the mind of every Mexican illegal, the cost of coming here will
overwhelm the benefit in his own personal cost/benefit calculation.  
There will be no advantage to coming here, because he will suffer
the same disaster as every other illegal.

But what kind of disaster am I talking about here?  The first step is
making entering our nation illegally a felony.  

But what would the punishment be?  We have many options, all of
which must pass "the disaster test" mentioned above.  On the most
gentle level, it would mean arresting every illegal, convicting him,
and sentencing him to several years of hard labor on a chain gang,
building roads, preferably in North Dakota, or some other far
northern place where he can fully experience the beauties and
rigors of North American winters.

But there are other, harsher disasters.  If we clearly mark the border
with thousands of signs both in English and in Spanish, we will then
assemble a non-stop rolls of barbed wire, eight feet tall, from the
Pacific to the Gulf.  Set the barbed wire wall back, 50 feet inside
American territory.

This presents us with several options.  They may seem draconian,
even brutal, but they will work -- they will stop illegal immigration.  In
the final analysis, whether a solution works, whether it solves the
problem, is the only relevant criterion.  Clearly, the greater you
make the cost -- relative to the benefit -- the more quickly the
problem of illegal immigration will be solved.

Option One:  Once the illegals have reached the barbed wire, they
are obviously inside American territory and, having read the signs,
they will know they are in American territory.  Then, with Army
sniper teams assembled every mile from Gulf to Pacific, 400 yards
back from the border, the sniper teams will shoot the illegals dead.  

Option Two:  Lay down non-stop fields of anti-personnel and
anti-vehicle mines between the border and the barbed wire.  In
addition to the signs marking the border, add other signs clearly
warning intruders about the minefields, and the certain death that
awaits them if they cross them.

Option Three:  Combine the two. If illegals successfully penetrate
the minefields, let the sniper teams shoot them dead.

If these options seem too brutal for your taste, remember that --
because of their brutality -- word of these responses will get to
every Mexican town and city within a matter of hours.  The
northward surge of illegal immigration will immediately slow and
then stop.  The cost of crossing the border will have become too

Of course, any of these options will set off a firestorm.  We can
expect the same response from pro-immigration groups in Mexico
and those north of the border:
the response of guilt.  

Guilt trips will be the order of the day as American leftists try to
convince us that we are wrong to defend our own border in the only
way it can be permanently defended.  We must then decide whether
these Americans are merely expressing their opinion, or whether
their words are treason, words supporting a foreign government in a
de factor state of war with America.

Guilt trips will be also coming from Mexico City, where government
officials will pretend to be outraged at our actions -- in defending
our own border.

But in reality, Mexican government officials will be worried, not
angry.  Once we show that we have the will, the guts, to defend our
own border with violence, they will know how close they are to real,
all-out war with the United States.

Are American capable of tolerating this kind of violence?  If these
options still seem too brutal for the majority of Americans, then
perhaps we have become too soft, too delicate, too gentle to
survive as a nation.  

I pray to God that we have not yet fallen to that point.