So-called “Free Trade” is destroying America.  

But you’re not going to hear a world about that from McCain.  They need
to maximize their “campaign contributions” from corporate executives,
and they won’t get a cent if they come out against highly profitable Free

What is Free Trade?  Stripped of economists' rationalizations, it permits
and encourages corporations to fire their expensive American workers –
like you – and to replace you with dirt-cheap Third World workers.  
That cuts labor costs to the bone, and makes profits skyrocket.

For specifics, let’s look at Outsourcing, the most famous branch of Free
Trade.  Outsourcing has allowed American corporations to abandon tens
of thousands of American factories, and fire millions of American
workers.  Then the corporations can build their replacement factories
inside the nations with the lowest labor costs, mainly China, Vietnam and
Indonesia.  In those countries they can use local slave laborers (earning
from 35¢ to 50¢ an hour) and then export those products from Asia back
into America with the minimal tariffs that are essential to Free Trade.  

By replacing $20 an hour American workers with 40¢ an hour slave
labor, the financial advantages are overwhelming.  So Outsourcing is
great for American corporations.

But it’s slow death for America the nation.  First, Outsourcing has
destroyed our industrial base, the factories that create our industrial
might.  Obviously, American workers cannot manufacture products as
cheaply as Asian slave laborers.  Without the tariffs America always
used to protect its factories and workers in the past (before Free Trade
took charge), Chinese and Vietnamese products now undercut the prices
of American-made products, even in America.  So the American
factories cannot compete, and die, taking their workers down with them.

As a result, we now import almost everything.  This has created vast and
growing trade deficits (imports minus exports), which have set new all-
time world records each of the past five years ($764 billion in 2006).  
We must export our accumulated American wealth to the world to pay
for these trade deficits.  We are getting weaker and poorer every day.

Worse, it has put most of the replacement factories inside the walls, and
therefore under the control, of China, the country that our military says is
our greatest military threat of the future – or perhaps the present.  
American corporations are capitalizing and industrializing China, our
future enemy, while they decapitalize and deindustrialize America.  Our
enormous trade deficit with China alone (almost $1 billion per day)
enriches China – while it weakens us.

Worst of all, China, Vietnam and Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim
power, can nationalize all of our American factories whenever they think
that is in their self-interest.  This puts our adversaries’ swords over our

But outsourcing and other forms of Free Trade are not merely suicide for
the nation.  They also spell death for your own job.  

You, dear reader, cannot compete with Outsourcing’s slave laborers or
with Insourcing's Pakistanis and Indians, who come here legally, with
visas.  They will work for much less than you can and, sooner or later,
they will replace you.  In time, even our policemen and the media will be
insourced by talented, trained Indians and Pakistanis, who now work for
chicken feed in Asia.  As for American blue-collar workers, thousands
of them are being replaced by dirt-cheap illegal immigrants every day.

Romney, Thompson, Huckabee, McCain and Giuliani all support Free

But I want to stop Free Trade, crush it and finish it off, before it destroys
us all.  I want to raise our tariffs to protect the industry and industrial
jobs we still have, and to start a crash building program of new industry.  
We must become the world's great industrial power again.  We must stop
the bleeding of the trade deficit.  We must protect your jobs.

Of course Free Trade could be stopped today if saving the nation was in
politicians’ self-interest.  Tragically, our politicos are much more
interested in getting more corporate campaign contributions so they can
win their next election, and in receiving gifts, trips and perks from
corporate lobbyists.  To get all this loot, they must do what corporations
want – pass Free Trade bills and support Free Trade.  

There’s little doubt that Free Trade is destroying America.  But does our
politicians’ support of it rise to the level of treason?  Maybe and maybe
not.  Free Trade may provide several charges of impeachment against
President Bush, and charges leading to the recall of several Republican
and Democratic congressmen, on the basis of treason:

In general, these charges involve the ongoing destruction of America’s
economy and good jobs, just to help corporations maximize their profits.  
More specifically, they are:
*intentionally destroying America’s industrial base;
*intentionally destroying millions of good American jobs.  In addition to
creating untold misery for millions of Americans, this has also resulted
in the destruction of part of America’s tax base;
*intentionally creating vast trade deficits, which must be paid for by the
export of hundreds of billions of American capital each year;
*intentionally driving down the value of the dollar, while endlessly
claiming that we had a "Strong Dollar Policy."  This has not hurt the rich,
who are hedged in Euros, gold and Swiss Francs.  It has hurt ordinary
Americans, who actually believed in the government's alleged Strong
Dollar Policy.  Because of the Bush Dollar, these ordinary Americans
can no longer afford to go to Europe or even Canada.  The effects of Free
Trade – especially the trade deficit and the destruction of our industrial
base – are two of the four most important factors in the 40 percent
collapse of the dollar during the Bush II years.


My friends, America is falling fast.  We are becoming less and less of a
superpower every day, but no “major”  presidential candidate will even
talk about that.  Free Trade, the most deceptive swindle ever thought up
by American corporations, is the cause of our ongoing collapse.

Please vote for me, Cornelius Edward O’Connor, on January 8. Voting
for me in the Primary will finally bring Free Trade to the center of the
national debate.

That national debate will begin the reindustrialization of America, and
the protection of our factories and jobs with high tariff walls.